Just when you think you’ve got it, it slips thru your grasp…  

Teresa WeierComment

Perhaps our thinking is wrong and we must learn a new way of thinking,  to think from love rather than from fear .  It’s only then that we will finally realize the only thing to change is how we think.   It would seem that the body was created to house the ego, to give the belief that separation exists.  The body can bring nothing to us if our lives are run by ego infused thoughts.  If our Ego’s run the show, we will always feel as though something is missing.

But there is another way to see the body…  as a means to communicate love to one another.  And we can choose to use every opportunity as a way to extend love.  We can choose to look at life thru the eyes of the heart rather than thru the eyes of the ego.  

We can live a life that is found thru grace, thru thinking from right mindedness and by setting aside the beliefs of the world.  Love is the nature of our being…grace brings a gentleness to life, it speaks of love, it brings light.

Will some see this as crazy?  Most certainly, and the world  will continue to try to convince us to  hold on to beliefs about what is, what shouldn’t be, what should never have been, what we need in order to be happy, and the world will try to convince us what to judge and what deserves our forgiveness.  

The ego which is only a drama, an illusionary thought, can never bring happiness and yet we continue to follow it’s stories.  And each time we  listen to its voice, we become separate from love and therefore without true happiness.   When we learn to transcend the illusionary voice of the ego, we  can then let the higher aspects of ourselves guide us to a more peaceful and loving existence.

It’s true, it isn’t so simple to rid the mind of the ego.  It requires changing the programming of our minds to a new program.  A program that requires us to remain conscious of our thoughts and to change those thoughts if we recognize they are stemming from the ego rather than from the heart, to recognize whether the thought comes from fear or from love.  We were never taught this growing up but it is not an impossibility.  Yes, it will take time but with each shift in consciousness we become closer  to living a life filled with true joy and love.  

Our minds say…But … but we have been taught this or that, we must do this and that…Throughout our lives, time has been used for conditioning our minds and thus our lives.  We have followed the beliefs of others and so believe these limiting thoughts.  In order to have joy and peace in our lives, we must begin to awaken by taking the time to recondition our minds to non fear based thoughts… to  loving thoughts

As a flower opens to sunlight, we too can begin to open to the light that exists within each of us.  Only in the giving of love can we be who we are, only in being love can we stop living in the the world of illusion.

Sending my love...

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