A Little About Me

Teresa Weier8 Comments

I am Princess Teresa, an artist, illustrator, dreamer and wanna be rock star.  OK, OK, so I am not really a princess… except, and perhaps like most women, we truly are warrior princesses.

I recently returned from a 4-year quest through France where I went in search of my truths and to photograph as much of Europe as my budget would allow.  Yeah, too bad I am not a real princess… or a lottery winner.  But even without being these things, I am happy.  

Recently I purchased an RV and will soon begin a new quest, to explore this beautiful country. With my little dog, Bella, beside me, I will be creating art from the inspiration I gain from the people and places we encounter.

I have discovered many things on my journeys to where I am now.  For instance, I know I was kicked out of chorus at age 10 for a good reason, I cannot carry a tune.  I might certainly have to give up on my “rock star” dream but fortunately there are many more dreams to follow.  And since I have discovered that the most important thing in life is love (it is the glue that holds everything together and makes life so amazing and beautifu), following my dreams has become much easier.  

Although art is my number one passion I have another that I want to share with you, my writing.  So even though this site is mainly a portfolio for my art and hopefully a venue to sell it, I will also share my feelings about love, life, art and my adventures.  

And so with these thoughts in mind, and with the desire to each day take steps in the direction of my dreams, I am beginning this new blog, The Traveling Artist.  I hope you like it and come back often… and if you do, please sign up to receive my new posts.

If you would like, you can contact me at weierunique@gmail.com.  

Peace and love always, 

Teresa Weier

PS... and I continually ask myself, what's up, whats going on....