Just Smile

Teresa WeierComment


Life is not always easy, but it can always be made beautiful if we just believe in our dreams and in the power of our thoughts.  I believe our thoughts hold the key to happiness…  that If each day we make a conscious effort to look around at the many things to be grateful for,  and if we always try to remind ourselves to choose the good thoughts, then life becomes much gentler and so much sweeter...  

“ Just Smile” , a journal entry…

‘I can’t remember which book I was reading at the time, I read so many in my search for truth, but the author was talking about ways to improve one’s life.  He wrote of the importance of beginning each day with a smile.  He stressed that smiling, as soon as one’s eyes open, will increase the happiness one experiences throughout the day.  Well, I certainly needed and wanted more happiness.  I was at this time barely able to do anything but breathe… and I was not even doing that very well since I had increased my cigarette smoking to 2 packs a day (I have since quit).   During these difficult three months my life consisted of little more than tears, coffee, cigarettes...  and more tears.  

My heart had recently been broken... no let me honest, my heart had recently been shattered.  I was sure I had found “true love” but he apparently thought differently.  For 3 months I did very little other than cry.  You know that song, “Cry Me a River”?  I am sure it is possible to do just that, I am almost certain I had cried an ocean during that time.  I had very little hope of ever having joy and happiness in my life again.  

I was drowning in sadness and knew that I needed to have a life preserver thrown to me.  So  when I read those words, they did not offer any real hope.  At best they were water wings which might offer me a moment to float before the waves of my despair would force me under once again.  

But I was drowning, I was desperate, and so I grabbed on.  Every day I forced myself to smile upon awakening  and most days I had to force back  the tears as I grasped  for a smile.   After a couple weeks of waking and forcing myself to smile, I began to notice that my thoughts were changing.  Instead of waking and thinking, “ Oh no, please not another day!” I was soon waking and finding myself thinking, “yes! another day to learn, to explore, to create art, to write, to smile and to love”.  ‘

After the pain had dulled and faded, I began to reflect on this period of my life and realized it had taught me many things... I had learned to love me.  I had learned that I didn’t need anyone to come along and save me, I was quite capable of saving myself.  I had learned that I was not truly lonely, all that was really necessary to feel love was giving a small act of kindness to another.  I had learned that the way I think about myself and  lifes circumstances absolutely changes my reality.

 ... And I had learned that a smile can change so much for others… and for myself