Wake Up

Teresa WeierComment

A poem I wrote after coming out of a difficult time...

Wake Up

Wake up, wake up, please wake up to life,
the dream is a nightmare filled with worry and strife.
Come out of the dream to live the splendor
where once awake all is loving and tender.

Uninvited and unwanted the voice comes and goes,
worry, sadness, and dread are the stories it knows.
It brings fear and doubt as it weaves its ugly tale
always loudly proclaiming “you know you will fail”.

We followed the story and we believed what was said,
we soon lost our dreams to horror and dread.
We had no way to know of it’s lies and it’s madness,
no longer filled with hope and now believing this sadness.

If only we will wake from this time filled dream,
for fear serves no purpose except it would seem,
to make us feel as if we are losing and sinking.
We must open our minds to a higher way of thinking.

When we know that the voice is not who we are
life soon becomes love and much better by far.
We must wake to the beauty inside of our heart,
we then begin knowing we are one and not part.

                                                                ~Teresa Weier