Consciousness is the Path

Teresa WeierComment

“There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.” ~A line from the Matrix

I read somewhere that we as humans only live consciously 5% of the time, the other 95% we live as if we are programmed robots.  We go about our daily lives in a sort of trance.  Oh yes, we are always thinking but the things we are thinking are not reflective of who we truly are… 

Most of the time we are not even consciously aware of the stories our minds are telling us, we think without any awareness of our thoughts.  We follow those stories as we drive, sit for appointments, drift off to sleep... countless times thru our days we follow blindly.  Much of the time these stories are filled with warning and worry, they lead us to imaginary events which cause us to feel fear and  doubt.  

From birth we have learned to think, feel, and to react to circumstances in the same ways that our parents have learned, to think, feel, and reacted from their parents, and their parents before them, and so on and so on....   In schools, we are told to believe what others before us have learned, never to question authority, to do what we are told...  and so the message we get at a very young age is to believe all who came before us and never search for our own answers and truths.  In churches, we are told what to believe, so again we are left to believe the interpretations of others.

We live in a society of  always wanting and needing more.  A place where doing and getting leaves almost no time for dreaming and being. We have been conditioned through the media and advertising to believe that "the more I have, the more I am".  And yet in our hearts we know that love is our true nature…  When we have those  moments of clarity, we can feel it in our souls. We can feel the yearning for a better and gentler life.  So how did we get so far away from this truth and begin to believe and live so many lies?  

How is it that I had forgotten to keep love first and foremost in my heart?  How had I forgotten that we are all connected to everything, to each other, and to source energy (God, the universe, or whatever name one chooses).  And how had I forgotten that the question is not what can I get, but rather what can I give. The answer is that I had believed all the stories without questioning them.  I had not searched my own truths, the truths that resonate within my own heart and soul. I had forgotten to live consciously.

I had been living from my ego rather than from my heart.   The ego tells us “I am what I have, what I do, what others think of me, and who I am is separate from everyone and everything else.  It's no wonder I forgot!  

I have come to the realization that mastery of our thoughts and feelings is perhaps our highest achievement...  

...that striving to be conscious of  our thoughts is the path to peace, love and experiencing joy..  

It is my hope that one day the world walks this path of consciousness together.  Wishing you a life filled with only beautiful thoughts.