OK, so the real story...

Teresa WeierComment

I am not really a rock star or a princess. I am Teresa Weier, an artist and lover of life who came to France in the hopes of finding answers to life’s most puzzling questions. I began my search 7 years ago and after a 22 year marriage ended. In that life I truly lived what most would consider the life of a princess. I had everything… 4 homes, boats, fancy cars, luxury vacations, more clothes than I could possibly wear in 2 lifetimes. Well you get the picture, but thats not all. My job was to spend money!!! Yep, and I was very good at my job… I never missed a day of work and I even worked weekends and most holidays. Everyday I shopped, and if I could not go to the stores I would go to the internet.

So there I was at the top of the proverbial mountain, the one we have been conditioned to believe that once climbed happiness awaits. Then one day I took a day off from my job and while looking around from that high vantage point, I began to think. I began to ask myself how is it possible to have all this and still feel such unhappiness? I began to wonder how I had bought into this story of believing that the more I had, the more I was. 

I then began to realize that the things I bought were a drug to me. I was an addict! I was addicted to things… and just like with heroin, these things kept me passive and in a trance like state. I was always so busy thinking about my next “fix” that I had no time to think about my spirituality or the true meaning of life. I had no time to go inside of me, I was too busy looking on the outside for my next high. 

No, I am not a rock star but maybe I really am a princess… maybe we are all princesses and princes. Maybe we have just forgotten our heritage due to all the drugs society has given us. We have been mislead into believing that things will lead us to the promise land.   We have been distracted and busy trying to get to that next place or thing, always believing "this is it, now I will have  happiness".  But it never is.  Oh yes, it may give us a temporary "fix" but it never lasts long and soon we are off searching the next drug.  And so we are left with little time to visit the place that really matters...  the place inside each of us. 

And because we were never given the tools or taught the importance of going inside ourselves,  this place can at first seem unfamiliar, boring, and even scary at times . But once it becomes familiar, once we decide that we want to take this journey, we find that it is a place where joy and love live. Of course it can only be this because deep in our souls we know that we are all one... we are all love.