We Still Have Time for Love

Teresa WeierComment

Time sometimes feels like an enemy.  We may feel panicked, we need more time to finish this or that.  Sometime we may feel sadness, we have no time to give to our children or loved ones. Time steals our youth, we may be left feeling frightened or anxious about our future.   


And still the clock continues to tick…

But time can be our friend when we use it to recognize that peace and happiness are found in the present moment.  


The past is simply a story of what once was…  Maybe your’s was like a fairy tale with only some minor bumps from time to time , or maybe it was more like a horror movie with rage and anger filling the days, or maybe it was somewhere between the two.  But whatever your story, now it is gone.  It no longer exists except in your memory.  Whether an event which caused you pain happened a decade ago or a minute ago, it is now in the past.  


It is with recognizing that our past is only a story, and by forgiving ourselves and others, that we then realize our past can no longer affect how we experience this moment of life.  When we forgive, there no longer exists a victim and a villain.  Without these characters there is no longer a story to replay in our minds or to tell one another.  Without a victimization story, there is only love in this moment.  With love, there is healing for ourselves and the world.


The future is another of the ego’s devices to take our attention away from the present moment.   The future can seem both frightening and exciting. With the future, the ego gives us false fears and/or empty promises of lives fulfilled with unseen treasures occurring in a time not yet here.  For example, we might be afraid of how we will pay the bills next month or we may feel exhilarated about an upcoming vacation. But when this future time arrives, when it becomes the present moment, when the fear still remains or when the vacation brought little or no joy, then the ego again tells us to look to the future for hope and/or happiness… and so we do. 


It seems we live our lives one step behind happiness… we forget to look for it in this moment.  But if we make a conscious effort to stop our minds from listening to the incessant chatter of the ego, and when we rest in this moment, then we can truly live in peace.  It is only “Now” that we can stop to smell a rose, It is “Now” that we can smile at a stranger,  and it is “Now" that we can know love.   


It is with the passing of time that humanity has come to believe more and more in the ego’s lies.  And yet it only takes an instant, this moment, to realize the truth.  In this instant, if we just stop long enough to remind ourselves of who we truly are, we will know that we are love.  We are not meant to live a life against one another but rather we are meant to be for one another.  We then begin to know that this moment is all there is. We cannot live in the past nor in the future… life and love are happening now.