Peace is Found in Each of Us

Teresa WeierComment

"Peace is found in each of us, it is a journey all must take when we come to the realization that nothing from the external world offers the tranquility we search."  (from a book I recently read)

With increased awareness of my thoughts, I am finding that life becomes much more gentle and beautiful.  By this I mean that when I think on purpose, when I reach for my next highest thought, these higher thoughts then begin to bring me to my higher truths.  

I refuse to continue to let my mind have free rein.  I have found that whenever I have continued to follow blindly all the negative, fearful and made up stories my mind wants to lead me into…  I then continue to suffer.  There can be no peace found in following the insanity of the mind…  

The ego tries to convince us that the illusionary nature of things will bring us joy.  And so joy is never lived, it is only something we strive for.   Our minds continually tell us we will be happy once we  “do, have, or get” this thing or that. 

Truth is the light that awakens the soul, there is nothing to do but to love…  Truth and Love are the awakeners of our dream state.  

When we begin to know this truth, we then realize that giving is the very way we too receive,  we know that a smile can change so much for so many.  Once we have this realization, we can then begin to practice retraining our minds to think from love rather than from fear.  Every time we have a negative or fear based thought, we can make the choice to change it to a thought which stems from love.  When we change our thoughts, our lives also reflect this change.   We then begin to truly realize that inside our heart is where beauty and love resides… it is there that peace can be found.

It is only by thinking from the stillness of love that we can awaken from the dream.  And yes, this is often a difficult process, and at first it can seem an impossibility.  Most of us were never taught how to go inside ourselves and search for the words that come from our hearts and souls.  We were never taught to be still and listen to  our own truths.  Instead, we were told to listen to all the noise that has been handed down thru the ages from governments, institutions, schools and churches.  We were conditioned to live our lives based on other’s views.  

And so no, the journey into awakening is not often an easy one, it is never easy when we have to go inside our selves.  Especially since most of us have spent our lives living from the ego's point of view.  And since the ego is only concerned with it's own existence, our lives have been lived mostly from fear rather than from how we are meant to live life... from love.

This is why so many of us turn the tv on or turn to drugs and alcohol, it is a way to shut out the noise (the egoic thinking) of our minds. But if we continually remind ourselves to reach for our next highest thought, with practice our higher thoughts get higher and higher and come to us with a much greater ease... and the voice from the ego becomes quieter and quieter. 

By taking this journey inside (this search to hear my soul), I have learned that sometimes life's greatest difficulties can lead to life's greatest understandings, insights and growth to a happier me. I am grateful for every heartbreak I have felt and for every tear I have cried. Without these, I might still be sleeping. 

And of course I still have much work to do.  Everyday I must work to rid my mind of years of accumulated beliefs and habits.  But without question, the more often I practice consciousness of my thoughts, the more often my thoughts and words are fused with love and the happier I am .  

Because of the ego and the many exterior influences throughout our lives, our minds do not automatically think from love and so we must decide to make this change.  There is a verse in the bible that reads,   

           “whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”

Whether or not one believes in God is a personal choice.  However, I do not believe anyone can dispute the beauty and truth to these words.  I believe that there may never have been  better advice written anywhere that helps to point the way to consciousness and a happier life.  Hoping your days are filled with only the beautiful thoughts.