Choose again...

Teresa WeierComment


A friend recently asked me if I meditate each day.  I was caught off guard by his question because I suddenly realized I no longer do.  Hmmm, I thought, when did this happen, when did I stop making meditation a priority in my daily life?

When I first began the search for my own truths, and while continually searching and reading the books from some of the greatest minds who ever lived, I did what many suggested and I too meditated every day.  However, somewhere along the way this stopped and I wasn’t even aware of it.

But do I take the time each day to put my mind on the path to thinking with right mindedness?  Absolutely, and there are so many resources on the internet and in my own library that I can access in order to remember who I truly am… love.  

I turn to those who have traveled this road before me, to those who have known there is a better way and have turned away from fear and returned to love…  to those before me who have taken this journey of discovery into their own souls, to the place where peace resides.  It is the journey into the soul that all will take once the decision is made to awaken from the insanity of the mind. 

I read their books, watch their videos, listen to their audios and even take some of their classes.  This daily practice helps me to remember that I must continue to change the way I have learned to think, it’s a little like reprogramming a computer except that the computer is my mind.  I continually strive to live a more loving and centered life… one that requires that I remember to remain conscious of my thoughts, to look at the world and the things happening around me and "to me" in a loving way.  To always look for the good in things and the many reasons to be grateful.  

And so perhaps meditation simply means transforming one's unconsciousness into consciousness. 

Meditation is very simple: It is consciousness. It is not chanting, it is not using a mantra or a rosary. These are hypnotic methods. They can give us a certain kind of peace, so if we are just trying to relax there is nothing wrong with this.  I believe any hypnotic method can be helpful, it can help to point the way to inner peace... but if one wants to know the truth, then it is not enough.

And so most important for me is always remembering that if I want to be truly happy I must choose thoughts which stem from love and never from fear...  with awareness (by remaining conscious) I am able to choose again.  

It’s just that easy, we can choose a new thought by remaining conscious of our thoughts.  Yes, it takes practice to retrain our minds from fear to love but the more we do it, the easier it becomes.  And then one day we wake and realize we are doing it on automatic pilot, it just begins to happen with almost no effort at all.  

Although there can be many benefits to meditation, my answer to my friend as to whether or not I meditate is both yes and no.  For me, I no longer feel the need to take time from my day, go into stillness, and breathe beautiful thoughts.  I want to feel this peace all day, not for just the hour or two I might spend in quiet meditation.  And so I guess you could say my meditation is that of continually reminding myself throughout each moment of each day that I am one with love.  My meditation is to remind myself that I can choose my reality by choosing what I think...  and if necessary, to think again.  

Some people go thru life, others grow thru life (I don't know who said this)… but it is so true and it is us who get to make the choice.  Every instant is a chance to choose again... I hope you choose the beautiful thoughts.  


Normally only one-tenth of our mind is conscious, and nine-tenths is unconscious. Just a small part of our mind, a thin layer, has light; otherwise the whole house is in darkness. And the challenge is to grow that small light so much that the whole house is flooded with light, so that not even a nook or corner is left in darkness. …~Osho

“You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow    where your thoughts take you.” 

James Allen


I took this photo in the Panier, a quaint quarter above the Vieux Port of Marseille France.  The couple seem to be walking towards the light.  It reminds me of the path we must all eventually walk, the path from darkness to light, from fear to love.