The Planet Love

Teresa Weier2 Comments

OK, I guess it is time I tell the real story.  I am Princess Teresa from the planet Love.  I was sent here to teach love, not one of the easiest quests that has been assigned to me in my 1087 years of life.  I would probably have already returned home but for the fact that I am lost… I am directionally challenged.  

But seriously, don’t we all feel a little disconnected and alien at times?  Haven’t we all wondered why we are here?  For me, I have found that it is love that connects us one to another and without it we are left feeling alone.

The more love I give on any given day, the more love that is returned to me.  It is this love that makes me feel happier and more at peace than any object could ever give me.  

Love is all that is truly real, and if we stop and examine ourselves we will know that it is only love that we truly want.  “No”, you say, “I want a brand new, red, shiny Thunderbird (do they still even make Thunderbirds?). Never mind, that isn’t the point, the point is that if you were to dissect the reasons you want the new car, you would see that it comes down to love.

For example, any car will get you from A to Z, but you don’t want just any car, you want the shinny new one… but why?  If you ask yourself you may find that maybe you want the new car to attract a man or a woman.  Or perhaps you want it to feel better about yourself, or to show the world that “you have made it”. 

All of these reasons come back to a desire to feel love from a particular someone, from society in general or from within one’s self.  It is this overwhelming need to acquire which has hidden the real treasure.  We have bought into the mass media advertising and have been tricked into living from fear rather than from love.   

Don’t get me wrong, new things are nice to have, we all deserve them.  But what is wrong is when we let things define ourselves and others.  When we let fear of not having overshadow truth and love then we are left feeling empty and alone.   No matter how many shiny new cars we might have in the garage we will still need more until we wake to realize, as Einstein was quoted to have said,  “Love is the answer to every question”.  

So how do we know if we are emanating love or fear to others?  Every positive emotion stems from love, there is no worry or stress inside of us…  and so the light of love flows freely and easily from us to the world.  Every negative emotion stems from fear, which in turn produces anger, rage, self doubt, judgements, unkind thoughts and words… and so the darkness of fear also flows to the world.

It’s this that we as humans, or rather you as humans (my planet has already figured this out)  must begin to recognize.  Only by loving and helping one another can we have this greatest gift returned to ourselves.