The Whispering of the Heart

Teresa WeierComment

Listening to the whisperings of the heart, rather than to the loud and overbearing ego,  is our most trustworthy guide to experiencing true joy and inner peace .  

When the ego talks (actually it usually yells)  then the heart can not be heard or felt.  The ego will do anything to survive, it makes up stories and tells us we are justified in our negative thinking, in our judgements, in our worries and in our fears.  

If  only  we would stop and ask ourselves this one question, would I rather be right, or would I rather be happy....  we might then realize the absurdity of most of our  judgements and fears.  But if the answer is left to our ego, the  ego will always choose right.  Our egos can keep us trapped in sadness, worry, fear, greed, jealousy…  In short, all negative emotions are the result of listening to the ego rather than listening to the quieter, sweeter, whisperings of the heart. 

If we truly want to always smile and have joy in our lives, then we must always be diligent of the ego's attempts to gain control.  This is the most important thing to be good at in life.  We lost our way for a while, we lost our consciousness, but now we know a better way.

We know that our minds need positive nourishment, just look at any child or dog.  The more praise and positivity they are given, the happier they become.     And just as it is necessary to feed the body in order to remain healthy, it is also necessary for the mind to be fed inspiration, creativity, and positivity so that it too can remain healthy.  As adults, we can feed our own minds  with love by reading inspirational books and quotes, spending time in nature, giving kindness to others, forgiveness, etc., etc.)  

The list goes on and on, and each time we choose love over fear, our hearts will grow stronger and our ego's become weaker.  Or to put it more simply, our own happiness will grow and our sadness will dissipate.  But before we can choose anything,  we must first choose happiness for ourselves as our number one goal.

Yes, some may say that sounds selfish.  But if we cannot love ourselves, then how could we expect to spread the love we feel inside ourselves to others?  Besides, we cannot worry what other's may think, we are in this world to be free and happy... and to experience love.  

It is our choice, do we want to be right or do we want to be happy? Do we feed our heart and soul or do we feed the ego?   Which do we choose to make stronger?  

The more often we remember LOVE the less control the ego can have in our lives.  But the more often the ego gains control over our minds, the stronger it will become.   And when the Ego runs the show, nothing but fear, depression, and sadness can be felt..

In order to not let the ego take over our lives and our happiness, we must continue this quest of consciousness, of listening to the gentle nudges and whisperings from our hearts. Whenever we have judgmental, negative or unkind thoughts we can continue to remind ourselves to replace those thoughts with more loving thoughts. With the practice of consciousness, one day we will slay the ego and keep it blocked from entering our area of the kingdom.

Hoping your kingdom is filled with love and light.

Normally I only add one song, but this time I want to add a second, "Perfect", by Pink.  It's a beautiful reminder that we are perfect even tho we, ourselves, may not see the beauty within.  Never give up hope because in an instant our lives can become so amazing!