Teresa WeierComment

Definition: the QUALITY or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally.

When we think of the word Vulnerability, we don’t usually think of it as being a quality.  Instead, it stirs up emotions of resistance, weakness, fear…and we usually try everything (or say anything) to avoid being in that state.

For the last couple of weeks, I have been thinking a lot about this word.  I have been thinking how, if we would learn to put those barriers down,  it really could open the door to more love and acceptance.

So what if instead, we were to stand defiantly in the face of fear?

Connection to one another is what gives life meaning, it’s why we are here… to learn, to grow, to love one another.  Then why is it so difficult to open up,  to be completely vulnerable and honest with one another? 

If we look deep inside ourselves, from a place of consciousness, we realize we are not the thinker.  We realize instead that we are the observer of our thoughts.   If we can remain conscious and continue to observe these thoughts and stories that are running rampant in our minds, we will then realize that the majority  of our thoughts mean nothing.  They are only the ego’s attempt to draw our attention to them and away from consciousness. 

By realizing this, and by remaining conscious and observing those thoughts, without becoming intertwined with the emotion in them, we will see them for what they are… untruths.  They have no usefulness or any real meaning.  The practice of mindfulness, or consciousness, enables us to get in touch with our higher self, the only place where the peace of God can be found. 

Yes, our minds can be very useful.  We need them to learn a new language, to balance our checkbooks, to learn a new skill, and so on and so on.  But we do not need to follow the stories our minds tell us.  We are here to live and love this moment, not to relive the past or to fear the future.  

I believe it's this inability to escape the egoic mind that makes it difficult to become open, completely honest, and vulnerable with one another.  If we remain trapped in the belief that we are our minds (that we are the thinker rather than the observer) our ego’s will shout out warnings, “don’t let them see you are hurting, pretend everything is perfect, you can’t tell him/her ‘I love you’ first, your heart could become broken."  On and on it warns to be cautious of showing vulnerability. 

When we forget that we are the observer, we put up barricades to our heart, to the only place that is real, to the place where love exists.   And so we often speak and react from our egoic minds,  from the unreal information that is found there.   

And so the cycle continues, we react and speak from untruths and therefore we live lives that are not based on truth…

I truly want to live a life void of fear, one that is full of truth and love… and so I know that I will need to remain watchful of my thoughts.  I am certain it is from the heart that I want to live and experience my life.  I want to be completely open and honest with you... and yes, I want to be vulnerable.