6 Months

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As of this writing, I have been living in my RV for 6 months. I can list a million things I love about it and probably only a handful that I don't.

I will start by telling you some of the top things I love...

I love the ability to travel easily, always meeting new and interesting people.  This lifestyle also affords me the ability to follow the weather (never having to endure extreme heat and humidity or extreme cold).

And of course, traveling lets me see, visit, and experience so many beautiful places.

This lifestyle has given me so much. It has given me an even greater sense of freedom. Freedom to travel, to do and be who and what I want. There are few, if any, time constraints and so I am free to spend my days how I choose.

  On a typical day, I usually go to the gym, read or listen to something inspirational and/or spiritual, go for a walk with Bella (my tiny Yorkshire) and create art. All of which makes me very happy. Well, maybe not the gym so much.

Yes, I live in a small space but I can honestly say that I have everything I need or want in my tiny home. From the beginning of this journey, I have never once felt that anything is missing.

Since my divorce, I have spent years studying what makes people happy, and for me it is found in present moment awareness. I have found that by remaining conscious of my thoughts, by not allowing myself to follow negative stories, my life contains so much joy.

If I do find myself experiencing a moment of sadness or heaviness, all that is necessary is to become aware of my thoughts and change them.  Also, stopping to be grateful always does the trick...

Gratitude... It really is the little things that can make our hearts sing.

OK, now what I don't like...

I just traveled thru the beautiful mountains in VA. Suffice it to say, that was a white knuckle experience.  There was so much amazing beauty all around me and yet I could not truly enjoy it. I would have loved to have been traveling as a passenger, just taking in all that beauty.  However, it is just Bella and I so I had no choice but to drive.  I think I will avoid mountains until I am more comfortable driving an RV.

So what else don't I love... Oh yeah, if something breaks I have to figure it out alone. Thank goodness for YouTube!  For instance, today my water heater kept giving me an error code.  After finishing my shower, the second half cold, I began researching.  Not exactly how I had planned to spend my morning but after an hour or so it was working again.

  Hmmm, what else? Honestly I can't think of anything.  Some might be saying, "Oh right, I am sure you just love emptying your black and gray water tanks”.  Well, I did think I would hate it but it's so quick and simple that I don't mind at all.  I am just thankful that my knees work and that I am able to crawl around and accomplish it and the other hookups.

I suppose what I love most about this lifestyle is that it it gives me the opportunity to be in nature, to be still...  and to know myself and God.  

Capture the Moments

Capture the Moments