The Countdown

Teresa WeierComment

While packing to make my transition into living in my RV, it was necessary that I downsize… a lot!    As I was deciding what to keep and what to let go,  I remembered a favorite quote from The Little Prince by  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.  ‘What is essential is invisible to the eye’.

Later that same evening, I was checking my email when I saw an ad that read, “jewelry essentials”.  I laughed out loud as I thought about the absurdity of this phrase when compared to the one I had remembered earlier that same day.  

Of course, there is nothing wrong with having expensive jewelry and beautiful things.  The problem arises when we let ourselves be defined by the things we own.  

 Anyway, the next 6 days were filled with sorting and deciding.   What would be essential to my own happiness, what should I keep and what should I purge? I looked around at all my belongings.  I looked at the couch I sat on and at the decor surrounding me.  In an earlier time I had been an interior decorator and so the things that made up my living space were charming and beautiful.  I then looked in my closet, it was full of clothes, many that simply hung there but rarely did they hang from my body.  Oh, and the shoes, boots, and purses!  Had Imelda Marcos snuck into my home in order to use my closet for the storage of her own shoe collection?  

I knew that for me, things have never brought me happiness.  So then why was I still buying them?  

As I made the two piles, the much smaller one consisting of the things I would take and the other growing to the size of Mount Everest,  I could sense a quiet peace growing inside of me.  It’s as if the more I contracted the amount of “stuff” I would have in my life, the more expansive the peace inside me grew.  

I know we are all different and not from the same mold, that this choice I am making is not for everyone.   But for me, this freedom from so many things opens a whole new world of possibilities.  

Most of my friends, the ones who truly know my heart and soul, know that this decision ‘fits’ me.  They know that my gypsy spirit refuses to worry about the tomorrows.  Yes, society tells me I should, and yet my heart tells me differently.  

When I was little girl, I went to the movies to see ‘Gone With the Wind’. In one scene Scarlet is faced with a difficult challenge. I can’t remember if the challenge was due to Rhett leaving her or of not having enough food and money, but I will never forget her response, “I’ll think about that tomorrow”. I thought, and still do, that this was brilliant. After all, thinking often leads from one negative thought to another. Life is a much happier place when I choose to live in the moment.

It is my goal to always strive, to do my very best, to master the art of living my life from a place of love instead of from fear.  It is my hope that one day all my moments will be lived in this “now” moment.   The closer I come to mastering this, the more I am certain that this is the greatest treasure one can ever possess.

Peace and love,